PolarPro Phantom 4/Phantom 3 ND32/PL Filter

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  • Fits Phantom 4 series and Phantom 3 Camera (Pro and Adv)
  • Ultra lightweight design ensures smooth gimbal safe operation
  • HD glass ensures razor sharp image clarity
  • ND32/PL reduces shutter speed by 5-stops
  • Polarizer reduces glare and increases color saturation
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Overview - PolarPro Phantom 4/Phantom 3 ND32/PL Filter

The ND32/PL is perfect for shooting over water or snow while reducing the shutter speed by 5 stops. The filter has a precision threaded aircraft aluminum frame for smooth installation and removal. The lightweight design ensures the gimbal will operate smoothly and consistently. This filter is a great addition for capturing vivid content on very bright days.


The following guideline is a good starting point for when to use each filter while filming with your Phantom 3/4, Inspire 1, or Solo. The goal of this chart is to reduce the camera’s shutter speed to 1/60th to give aerial videos a smooth cinematic look, rather than a choppy high shutter speed look. A popular way of filming aerial video is to have your shutter speed at double your frame rate. So, if you are shooting 1080/60, then you want to try to achieve a 1/120th shutter speed. Or, if filming 4K/30 or 24, you will want to be near 1/60th shutter speed.

PolarPro Phantom 4 Filter Guide