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Safety Warning and Liability

  • The safety instructions are intended not only for the protection of the aircraft, but also to protect the safety of yourself and others. Improper operation can cause serious injury and property damage.
  • The Customer agrees to use of the electronics at his/her own risk.
  • The Customer agrees to refrain from flying over people and stay away from children and animals.
  • The Customer agrees to comply with all local government rules, especially when flying near airports.
  • The Customer agrees to use his/her best judgment and always practice safe flying techniques.
  • The Customer agrees to conduct a thorough systems check before each flight and to conduct periodic maintenance of the UAV.
  • The Drone Shop assumes no liability for damage or injury associated with the use of the systems sold.
  • The Drone Shop does not guarantee error-free behaviour of the hardware, electronics or software. Like any electronic device, there is the potential for malfunction, glitch or error which the user must be aware of.
  • The Drone Shop does not assume any warranty or liability (direct or indirect) for the accuracy of the software, hardware or information.
  • The Drone Shop accepts no liability, and will not compensate or repair where customers have applied firmware updates to their drone or componentry which has resulted in malfunction or failure.
  • While every effort is made to provide advice and recommendation in good faith, The Drone Shop will not be liable for the final choice of aircraft which the customer chooses and the suitability of the choice for their purposes.
  • Where The Drone Shop advises timeframes for delivery, these are indicative timeframes only and can be affected by numerous factors. Should the customer choose to proceed with a purchase, it is wholly their liability to assume the risk of any late delivery and The Drone Shop shall not be held liable for any loss of income, favour or other matters related to late delivery of drone systems, components or accessories.
  • The Customer is responsible for ensuring the product is used in compliance iwth local laws, and that at no point during the flight there is the potential for risk to person/s or property.
  • The Customer is responsible to ensure there is adequate clearance from potential hazards, and will ensure that there is no potential for injury or damage to persons or property if the drone were to fail due to operator error or component failure. Any persons injured or any property damaged by use of this product is the sole responsibility of the user.
  • The Customer is also responsible for determining the suitability of the product for his or her intended use.
  • The Customer assumes liability for improper use of this product.
  • The Drone Shop recommends that the Customer considers purchasing liability insurance before flight. This helps cover costs in the event that persons are hurt or property is damaged as a result of your use of the drone.
  • The Drone Shop recommends Customers check with local laws governing aerial flights before commencing flight. For flights in Singapore, please refer to Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore website on Unmanned Aircraft Systems.