PolarPro Osmo Pocket Wifi Tripod Harness

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  • Securely holds Osmo Pocket and Wifi Module together 
  • Dual ¼’’-20 mounts + Arca Swiss mounts allow for numerous orientation options
  • Mount your favorite tripod, light, or microphone for a full production setup
  • Minimalist rubber-coated design protects sandstone handle
  • USB-C port access
Allows Osmo Pocket and wireless module to be used together.
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OVERVIEW - PolarPro Osmo Pocket Wifi Tripod Harness

Engineered to make your Osmo Pocket tripod compatible while the Wifi Module is installed. This harness has dual ¼’’-20 mounts allowing photographers and videographers to add their favorite tripod or light to their set up. Additionally, the built-in Arca Swiss quick release system gives the Osmo Pocket the ability to slide into a tripod plate without having to worry about setup time or breakdown.


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