FrSky RPM and Temperature Sensor (Smart Port)

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  • Measures RPM from 1,000~30,000rpm
  • Measures temperature from -20~250°C
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Small and lightweight
  • LED status indicator
  • Easy push button set up
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The FrSky Smart Port RPM and Temperature Sensor has been designed to work with FrSky Smart Port systems, it can measure the RPM of brushless motors from 1,000~30,000rpm and temperatures of -20 to 250 degrees celsius.

In the Box

FrSky Smart Port RPM and Temperature sensor × 1
Smart Port connector cable × 1
JST connector lead × 1
Temperature sensors × 2


Operating Voltage: 4~10V
Voltage Range of Motor Wires: 2~12S (7.4~44.4V)
Measurement Range of RPM: 1,000~30,000
Measurement Range of Temperature Sensor: -20~250°C
Dimensions: 29 x 20 x 2mm
Weight: 8g


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