DJI Snail 7027S Quick-Release Propellers (2 pairs)

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The DJI Snail7027S Quick-Release Propellers have been optimized for FPV racing.

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The Snail series includes a number of propellers, optimized for everything from racing to 3D flying to aerial imaging. All Snail propellers feature a new quick release propeller (excluding the 6048-3D Propeller) - a first for racing drones.

Racers can swap propellers in seconds, without tools, because in a race every second counts. Every propeller's hub structure has been fully tested for strength so racers can fly with confidence. There is also a standard hub version of the 5048S Tri-Blade propeller, the 5048, that can fit on other motors.

Note: A DJI Snail Propeller Adaptor is required for mounting 6048-3D propellers and 5048 Tri-blade propellers on the motors.


4S LiPo Recommended:
DJI Snail 5048S Tri-Blade Propeller
DJI Snail 5048 Tri-Blade Propeller
DJI Snail 5024S Propeller

3S LiPo Recommended:
DJI Snail 6030S Propeller
DJI Snail 7027S Propeller
DJI Snail 6048-3D Propeller

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DJI Snail 7027S Quick-Release Propeller (Pair) × 2


DJI Snail 7027S: Aerial Imaging
Max Thrust: 1148g
Power Loading: 8.1g/w

*Above power loading data was acquired at 150g per rotor


DJI Snail 2305 Racing Motor
DJI Snail Quick-Release Propeller Adapter