DJI Manifold 2-C

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  • Use Manifold 2-C with the Intel® Core™ i7-8550U processor for robotics applications, real-time data analysis, and connection to ground station.
  • Expand the functionality of your drone solution with accessories or use multiple units of Manifold 2.
  • Compatible with M300 RTK, M210, M210 RTK, M210 V2, M210 RTK V2, M600 Pro, N3 Flight Controller, A3 Flight Controller, supports OSDK, PSDK and Windows SDK.
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DJI Manifold 2

DJI Manifold 2

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

The Manifold 2 is a powerful onboard computer that brings your drone operations to the edge. The Manifold 2 is expandable and easily integrates with DJI’s enterprise platforms, making it the go-to computer for any user who wants to build customized, autonomous drone solutions.

DJI Manifold 2C

The Start to Any Solution

Building a solution for your application.

CPU Model - Intel@ Core™ i7-8550U

Autonomous Flight
Real-Time Data Analysis
Ground Station Connectivity
Robotics Applications

DJI Manifold 2 Exceptional Expandability

Exceptional Expandability

Connect a variety of accessories to the Manifold 2, expanding the functionality of your drone solution. Scale up your drone or robotics operations by harnessing multiple units on one platform.

DJI Manifold 2 Comprehensive Connectivity

Comprehensive Connectivity

Leverage DJI Developer Technologies to unlock the full potential of your Manifold 2 and build any solution with access to multiple SDKs.

*Windows SDK is only available for the Manifold 2-C with a Windows 10 operating system installed

DJI Manifold 2 Supported Products

Supported Products

Matrice 300 RTK
Matrice 600 Pro
Matrice 210
Matrice 210 V2
Matrice 210 RTK
Matrice 210 RTK V2
N3 Flight Controller
A3 Flight Controller

  • DJI Manifold 2-C 256GB
  • Power Distribution Unit
  • USB 3.0 Hub
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Button I/O Extension Unit
  • Assembly Bracket Set
  • UART Cable for A3/N3 Flight Controller x 2
  • I/O Cable
  • XT30 Power Cable x 3
  • UART Cable for M210 Series
  • OTG Cable
  • XT60 to XT30 Power Cable
  • CAN/UART Cable x 2
  • Micro-USB Cable