DJI Inspire 1 1360S Quick Release Propellers for High Altitude Operations

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Compatible with

  • Inspire 1 RAW*
  • Inspire 1 Pro*
  • Inspire 1 V2.0*
  • Inspire 1
  • E800 DJI Propulsion System

"S" Type - Propeller Installation Kit is required if your Inspire 1 comes with the "T" type quick release mount (Inspire 1 V2.0, Inspire 1 RAW, Inspire 1 PRO)

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About DJI 1360S Quick Release Propellers

DJI 1360S Quick Release Propellers have been designed especially for High-Altitude Operations.

The 1360S Quick Release Propellers improve the performance of the Inspire 1 series at high-altitude locations. The larger propeller pitch increases the aircraft's propulsion force at altitudes with thinner air.

Installation and Use

These propellers need to be installed with the "S" Type - Propeller Installation Kit.