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About Us @ The Drone Shop

Who We Are

At The Drone Shop (TDS), we are passionate about UAV technology and its potential. We believe that an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle will not only allow us to experience the beauty of the earth from top down, but it could potentially enhance productivity and better lives.

As such, we are proud to partner with premium manufacturers like DJI, Polar Pro, Fat Shark, FrSKY etc. to provide our customers with the best of class products out there, to ensure that our customers can shop with confidence and be assured that every drone, accessory or part that leaves our shop is of a premium quality.

Because we have direct link to the manufacturers we represent, we are also equipped with expertise to handle technical issues you may require assistance with and can offer local warranty support*, repairs and replacement (where parts are available) which is invaluable when all you want to do is get back in the air!

Above all, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our retail store is open 12-7pm, from Monday to Saturday and 3pm-6pm on Sunday so that our customers can pop right in for those last minute essentials to get airborne! (Because an awesome sunset just cannot wait )

The Drone Shop is a wholly owned entity of Flying Bots Pte Ltd, Singapore.


Why Choose Us

Because we

  • Import direct from DJI, FrSKY, Fat Shark, Polar Pro etc. 
  • Deal directly with DJI, FrSKY, Fat Shark, Polar Pro on any warranty issues
  • Have a direct line of contact with DJI, FrSKY, Fat Shark sales and tech support

On top of that,

  1. We have one of the largest range of DJI products in Singapore, and hold ready stock for most models and accessories.
  2. We provide quick warranty resolutions. Because we deal directly with DJI, if your product is found faulty within 7 days of purchase, once approved by DJI, we offer immediate replacement from our local stock (where available). No more long waiting time for replacement from factory.
  3. We are experts in DJI drones and (where possible), we handle all repairs and upgrades in house.
  4. Since we deal directly with DJI, should you have questions, concerns, warranty or DOA issues, we can offer advice and fast turnaround time.
  5. We offer free technical assistance with all products sold in store for the first 3 months. Additional technical support thereafter can, on TDS’s discretion, be provided over the phone or in store, at no charge for minor issues.


Authorised Dealer

We are an Authorised Dealer for these brands:

  • DJI
  • Polar Pro
  • Fat Shark
  • FrSKY
  • SanDisk
  • RØDE


Repairs and Warranties

All products sold by TDS are covered by manufacturer's Warranty.

Warranty for all products is as per manufacturer's warranty policies. We do not offer any additional warranty on top of the standard manufacturer's warranty policy. Please refer to the specific manufacturer for detailed warranty information.

DJI's full Warranty Policy can be found here.

  • It is the customer's responsibility to ensure adequate pre-flight and post-flight checks are conducted on their system before and after every flight. TDS is not liable for any product failure where said failure could have been negated with an adequate pre-flight or post-flight inspection by the customer. This includes propeller and motor mounting, frame and componentry screws and connectors, locking mechanisms etc. In addition, all items should be regularly checked in detail for cracks, loosening screws/connectors, or other damage.
  • When using third party apps (i.e. any app that was not made by DJI such as DJI GO/GO4) with your DJI drone, please be aware that DJI will not cover warranty if an incident occurs while using the 3rd party app, regardless if the error is hardware or software related. This is because the DJI drones rely on the DJI GO/GO4 app to log all functions of the drone, for analysis in the case of an incident. If you do not use the DJI GO/GO4 App, official DJI logs are not captured and hence DJI has no content to verify if it’s an aircraft error or a pilot error. Pilot errors are not covered under warranty.
  • While TDS may offer to perform free firmware updates for the customer where the customer is not familiar, or willing to do so, TDS is not liable for any hardware or component failures which might occur during the process of the firmware update.
  • All warranty or DOA claims will be submitted to the respective manufacturer. Should the manufacturer disapproves a warranty or DOA claim, TDS will have no further allowance outside of the manufacturer’s provision.
  • Where an item needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair, it can be hard to estimate repair costs before full diagnostics is done by the manufacturer. While we will do our best to give an estimate, but ultimately the costs will be decided by the manufacturer and payment will be required prior to the item being repaired.
  • Where items are approved for DOA replacement by the manufacturer, TDS may, at its discretion, replace the item from local stock for a quick turnaround time. If local stock is not available, TDS reserves the right to revert to normal process and customer will have to wait for replacement stock to be supplied by the manufacturer.
  • TDS provides no guarantee on turnaround times for warranty or DOA claims, as this process is managed by the respective manufacturers.
  • Where a customer is submitting an item to TDS for any repair which needs to be sent to the service centres in their respective countries, TDS assumes no liability, responsibility, or ownership through any stage of this process. We are simply acting as an intermediary between the customer and the service centre and we have no bearing, input, or influence on the decisions, prices, diagnosis or other claims made by the service centre.
  • While TDS provides technical assistance as a valued added service to our customers, please note that this assistance does not equate to a warranty, nor an acceptance of liability. Any technical assistance provided to customers is advice only, and customers should seek other sources of information before attempting to make any alterations to their product.
  • In the event where there has been any water damage, all warranty will be void.
  • For best warranty claims outcomes, TDS recommend that customers record video on every single flight.


Safety Warning and Liability

  • The safety instructions are intended not only for the protection of the aircraft, but also to protect the safety of yourself and others. Improper operation can cause serious injury and property damage. 
  • The Customer agrees to use of the electronics at his/her own risk.
  • The Customer agrees to refrain from flying over people and stay away from children and animals.
  • The Customer agrees to comply with all local government rules, especially when flying near airports.
  • The Customer agrees to use his/her best judgment and always practice safe flying techniques.
  • The Customer agrees to conduct a thorough systems check before each flight and to conduct periodic maintenance of the UAV.
  • TDS assumes no liability for damage or injury associated with the use of the systems sold.
  • TDS does not guarantee error-free behaviour of the hardware, electronics or software. Like any electronic device, there is the potential for malfunction, glitch or error which the user must be aware of. 
  • TDS does not assume any warranty or liability (direct or indirect) for the accuracy of the software, hardware or information.
  • TDS accepts no liability, and will not compensate or repair where customers have applied firmware updates to their drone or componentry which has resulted in malfunction or failure.
  • While every effort is made to provide advice and recommendation in good faith, TDS will not be liable for the final choice of aircraft which the customer chooses and the suitability of the choice for their purposes.
  • Where TDS advises timeframes for delivery, these are indicative timeframes only and can be affected by numerous factors. Should the customer choose to proceed with a purchase, it is wholly their liability to assume the risk of any late delivery and TDS shall not be held liable for any loss of income, favour or other matters related to late delivery of drone systems, components or accessories.
  • The Customer is responsible for ensuring the product is used in compliance iwth local laws, and that at no point during the flight there is the potential for risk to person/s or property. 
  • The Customer is responsible to ensure there is adequate clearance from potential hazards, and will ensure that there is no potential for injury or damage to persons or property if the drone were to fail due to operator error or component failure. Any persons injured or any property damaged by use of this product is the sole responsibility of the user. 
  • The Customer is also responsible for determining the suitability of the product for his or her intended use.
  • The Customer assumes liability for improper use of this product.
  • TDS recommends that the Customer considers purchasing liability insurance before flight. This helps cover costs in the event that persons are hurt or property is damaged as a result of your use of the drone.
  • TDS recommends Customers check with local laws governing aerial flights before commencing flight. For flights in Singapore, customers can refer to https://www.caas.gov.sg/public-passengers/unmanned-aircraft-systems